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about jeff

Welcome to Wine & Dine with Jeff. For the past 30 years, I have a self taught passion for food and wine. I have a very creative and artistic side that pairs up perfectly with innovative culinary cuisine. I love to demonstrate how easy and simple it is to prepare healthy, delicious meals, and I am excited to share this with you.

It all started as a child for me, the most important time of the day was dinner. The family gathered around the dinner table at the same time seven days a week and shared a healthy home-cooked meal that was prepared with love. My Inspiration was my Mother, who worked daily but also had time to create a nutritious and mouthwatering dinner every night. In Fact at the tender age of 6, I was rolling my first meatballs in the kitchen when other kids were out playing sports, I felt home in the kitchen.

After moving to Los Angeles in my early years, I have had an opportunity to travel the world. Everywhere I went to would present a culinary extravaganza for the senses. As soon as I returned home I couldn’t wait to recreate those dishes with spices and wines that I would collect from the regions. The education has increased my comprehension of how food and wine work together to enhance the taste of the food. I began to host dinner parties for many of my friends and family when I returned so I could share these amazing tastes and smells from my journeys.

Now I want to share my love of food and wine with you. I create vibrant, flavorful, healthy dishes that are paired with a perfect wine to accentuate the palate. My goal is to inspire people with meals that are easy to cook; you want to serve to friends and family and create memories that will last a lifetime through the art of cooking. Now let’s fill up that glass and get cooking.